Imprimis with its technical expertise is involved in custom syntheses of intermediates to sell them to API manufacturers. In a broader perspective Imprimis is exploring CRAMS opportunities with bigger companies for R&D of New molecules, scale up production to technology transfer and small scale production.


Imprimis operates in the life science industry often deals with more challenging medical products. Due to drastic technology changes regulations are unable to keep up with the updates, invariably more products tend to reject. Therefore we have bought in teams of specialists who have both scientific skills and regulatory expertise with their ability to communicate and co-ordinate effectively with the regulatory bodies to achieve the very best outcome for our clients.


Cosmetic product will be review based on the guidelines and restrictions provided by respective health authority.
The following product information will be reviewed for the final composition levels as per respective health authority requirement,
Correct INCI name and Composition levels,
Trace impurities and its acceptance level,
Statement of Origin, TSE/BSE certificates,
Prop 65 statement,
Heavy metals…




Imprimis Pharma Sciences

Imprimis Pharma Sciences is a Contract Research Organization (CRO)and Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) located in Hyderabad Industrial area. Imprimis R&D facility is designed to suit complete research with respect to chemical synthesis, Scale up production and also small level production. Imprimis works with any range of company that is looking for quality and in time delivery of services.

To be an integrated CRO with global standards, aiming for partnership with our customers and to be a ‘preferred vendor’ based on Shared Beliefs and Goals for synergetic growth.
Our mission is to deliver reliable and value added services in cost-effective way to customers through our core values
Imprimis serve customers with Quality, Integrity, Excellence, Team work, Commitment, Ownership, professionalism and Innovation.


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